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Membership Management System

The Membership System is a cloud-based system that automates existing processes and helps in improving the management of members’ relationships, membership application, approvals, subscriptions, invoicing, payments, event management and communication to members.

Our Membership Management System provides you to manage the membership details in associations, clubs, gyms, communities and other membership organizations.

The Membership Management Software is the administrative and communication software to manage the activities of the membership organizations. The software helps organizations to interact with customers and clients. Our Cloud based system provides associations, clubs and other membership organizations with the functionality they require to provide their services to their members. Storing and editing member information in a database. Creating, renewing, upgrading and downgrading memberships.


This involves integration with:
Cloud-based Accounting System with an open API.
Integration with Bulk SMS with Unique Sender ID
Integration with M-Pesa gateway which automatically posts payment to member’s account when they pay for their subscriptions or for application or events.
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