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In order to support your many operations your business needs a reliable enterprise software solution. It needs to scale, coordinate other software and mobile apps, incorporate advanced tech and cover a long list of other goals. To create such demanding custom software, Peregrine Technologies has the experience, tools, and technology. Our dedicated enterprise software development services, product support services and product maintenance will allow you to better focus on your core business functions. We are a team of experienced tech professionals who bear an experience in the industry that spans more than two decades.

As one of the industry’s best product development company, we focus on cutting-edge innovations, employ rigorous systems and efficient workflows to enable phase-wise production for greater control and accessibility of products. With a strong portfolio of product development and a reputation as a leading software product engineering company, our focus is always on the customers and understanding their business goals.
As a renowned software product development company in Kenya, we cover the entire spectrum of software product engineering from consultancy to production, testing and devops. We are recognized in the industry for providing reliable, efficient and scalable software product development service according to business specific needs.

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Our Software Product Development suite
Product Engineering Consulting
We can help you evaluate best-suited software solution, product architecture reviews, product upgrading options Evaluation,and new age tech consulting (IOT, Machine Learning).
Platform Development Services
Conceptualization, planning, development , implementation and support – Strategic Planning, New Product Roadmap, Product development, Product Testing, Support & Maintenance are our all-inclusive service.
Product Testing Services
Use our expertise to perform in-depth testing such as Functional (Manual / Automated), Integration, Performance, Mobile App, Compatibility, Security and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing before launching your product onto the market.
Product Maintenance Service
We will assist you as end-to – end service provider at any point of product growth. Our services includes Technical Support, Cloud Deployment and Maintenance, DevOps, Production Support, and a Helpdesk based on Voice / Chat.
Technology Support & Helpdesk
We can help you with Bug Fixes, Software Updates, L1-L3 Support, Application Improvements, DevOps Support and Customer Helpdesk including Ticket Processing, Installation & Configuration Support, and Customer Requests & Issue Resolving.
Infrastructure Management
Our Infrastructure Management Services help to reduce downtime and improve productivity, while reducing total ownership costs (TCO). With cloud / on-site deployment, server & database support and maintenance & updates for Infra, we will help you.
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