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In order to harness the maximum benefit of technology to further business objectives ,enhance home security and future-proof today’s enterprises, Peregrine offers an integrated portfolio of products and technology solutions through 3 business units. These are Peregrine Business (IT and Business Solutions), Peregrine Digital Agency (Creative Design & Internet Marketing), and Peregrine Home (Domestic Solutions). We help you reimagine your business or home in the digital age with digital technology solutions

We Provide Robust Technology Solutions

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Peregrine Technologies has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your specific needs.

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We present the following case studies that exemplify the type of solutions and services we are providing across our customer base.

Driven by our Mode 1-2-3 Strategy, we help clients reimagine their business in the digital age. This strategy is backed by the ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’ promise of the Peregrine Technologies team who chase a shared goal of improving our customers’ business through everyday innovation and value addition through alignment to business needs. In today’s uncertain world, not even the best contract can capture what will change
tomorrow. A contract can only convert to business advantage through a value centric relationship. Our belief in the values of trust, transparency, flexibility and value-centricity, ensures the continued pursuit of our customers’ best interests.

By collaborating with the world’s leading strategic alliance partners, we give you access to the latest technologies and premium technical support. This allows us to provide specialist technology infrastructure solutions to help your business turn its ambitions into reality. Since our inception, our alliances have played a critical role in our drive for ecosystem-based innovation. Our service offerings and solutions across industry verticals are strengthened by alliances with global technology vendors, customers, and niche solution providers.

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