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Electric Fence Installation

The use of Electric Fences in Kenya is rising sharply due to rise in insecurity at homes, suburbs and estates . As a reputable electric fence installer in Kenya, we also offer several tips and advice for installation and maintenance of your electric fence and our clients don’t hesitate to recommend us to others due to the quality of work we deliver in the installation, maintenance and repairs.

One should definitely consider installing an electric fence, as it offers your home the first level of defense by providing perimeter security being an Electric Fence. Just in their very high voltage shock, an electric fence will deters intruders.

Here at Peregrine Technologies We are the best installer for Electric fences in Kenya and also provides energizers, posts, insulators, wire, earthing rods and all other accessories required to have a working Electric Fence in Nairobi Kenya and its environs.

We do the following Electric Fence Installation Types:

Wall Top Installations
Piggy Backing
Free standing (Stand Alone)
Steeped wall electric fence solutions
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The Technical Stuff!

The heart of an electric fence system is the energizer (power unit). The electric fence energizer is a necessity. The electric fence energizer converts mains or battery power (240 volts AC or 12 volts DC) into a high voltage pulse (non-lethal shock). This box is filled with capacitors that store this charge. It also controls it’s movement down the wires, every +-1.5 seconds.

Important note – Energizers running the electric fence have a low energy consumption and you will not see any noticeable increase on your electricity bill.

If you are using a battery as your main power source to run the electric fence, keep in mind that the battery will need to be replaced every 2-3 years and you will need a system to charge the battery. Also, keep in mind that as the battery loses charge, so does your electric fence. The higher the battery voltage, the higher the Energizer running your electric fence output pulse. It is a lot more convenient to run your electric fence off mains electricity if it is available.

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