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Loan Management Solution

Cloud based Loan Management Software that is secure and easy to use. Our Loan and Credit Management solution enables you to create loan products quickly, improving productivity and increasing revenue per transaction. Build loan products to suit customer and business needs such as stock financing, pay-as-you-go, personal loans, salary advance, insurance premium financing, etc.

Credit service providers are one of the most important sources of credit to the unbanked population. They provide quick and flexible credit facilities to the public. The less stringent credit appraisal process promotes accessibility of credit services to the unbanked population. Most credit service providers use our System for their online lending activities. The system also forms the back office core that manages the appraisal process, repayment, accounting and bookkeeping, reporting & business intelligence, SMS and Email Communication Channel among others.

Know Your Customer (e-KYC)

Enable verification of e-KYC information on individual, business and vehicle details to power your business. Conduct remote customer registration and onboarding through our trusted digital channels. Store and refresh verified individual and business information to meet regulatory requirements.
Easily connect via API to our e-KYC engine
Embed OTP and 2-Factor authentication verification services
Enable verification of individual customer data
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Easy Payments

We provide a simple online payments service that is integrated with mobile money providers (Safaricom, Airtel) and Banks (Pesalink) to enable you make and receive payments seamlessly. Make B2C, B2B and C2B payments through multiple channels to multiple destinations.
Enable payments to mobile wallet, bank, credit card
Pay to business or individual accounts
Track payments by customer, payment type, amount, originating and destination account, time of payment, transaction number
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