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Business Premises Security Solutions

Peregrine Technologies has a team of highly experienced and professional technicians who assist you in choosing, designing, and installing the most reliable security solution that suits your security needs at your business premises.

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Here at Peregrine Technologies, we’re experts in commercial security system installations and in addition to protecting businesses, the security solutions we design and install, address various objectives such as securing access to business premises, monitoring time, attendance, and employee productivity.

We deliver a complete range of commercial security systems for businesses including:

IP & HD & Ultra HD CCTV & security camera systems for businesses
CCTV monitoring systems and services
Access control – keyless door entry, time and attendance, fob door access, video, IP, and audio Intercom systems
Security and intruder alarms – wired, wireless, and remotely monitored systems
ANPR camera systems
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Commercial CCTV & Camera Systems

The business CCTV and commercial security camera systems we install, provide solutions to a range of security threats and objectives. CCTV is an effective means to help reduce theft, vandalism and monitor your premises for intruders. Furthermore, an investment in a robust security camera system will give you peace of mind.

We provide a high degree of technical expertise and quality of workmanship for our commercial CCTV customers across Kenya.

The CCTV systems we design and install include:

Commercial IP CCTV security cameras
HD & Ultra HD CCTV security camera systems for businesses
CCTV monitoring systems and services including keyholding and response
ANPR camera systems
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Access Control Installation

Our commercial access control customers work with the team at Peregrine Technologies to help manage and deliver on a range of security and operational objectives. As an experienced access control company, we offer a range of site access systems and solutions including:
Controlled access control to protected areas across your site and business premises
Access reports for review and security monitoring (time and attendance)
Options to Integrate with CCTV security cameras and intruder detection systems
Full compatibility with NFC proximity cards, and biometric / RFID technologies
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