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Email marketing is something Peregrine Digital has done since our inception. We work our clients with an end-to-end email marketing offering we call ‘evoke’. In a nutshell, we develop email marketing campaigns that result in new business and improved customer service, across the board. We take care of everything – from generating copy, creating e-newsletters, creating and managing segmented email databases, as well as distribution using ethically compliant practices.
Email is still incredibly useful and even outperforms social media from a return on investment perspective. Let us help you and your business excel through our email marketing offerings.

SMS marketing is a business strategy you have to consider as a business to reach all your prospective clients/customers. Most companies in Kenya depend on bulk SMS Solutions to drive marketing and communication with customers and other Business.

But how do you get started? Yes, you have the idea, but the main challenge arises when you want to find the best bulk sms providers in Kenya. Now, that’s where we come in!

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