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We provide Bulk SMS Solutions for Religious Organizations Educational Institutions Financial Institutions Political Parties NGOs Government Institutions Hospitality Industry

From bulk sms appointment reminders, Customized sender ID, Scheduling of bulk SMS, personalization of bulk SMS we are one of the best bulk SMS companies in kenya providing bulk text messaging at the best rates.

Automate your marketing strategy with our easy to use Bulk SMS API Automation Tool. Get the most out of Bulk SMS marketing by automating your Bulk SMS campaigns. Deliver information to customers at the right time. Get your message to the right person with Automated SMS Marketing Solutions: automatically manage the targeting, timing and content of your messages! With our Bulk SMS API in kenya you can easily automate your bulk SMS Kenya marketing and send text messages.

Peregrine Technologies provides bulk SMS marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send bulk SMS in Kenya, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand. Our bulk SMS and emailing portal imports multiple user’s details into your local mailing list. Create or import.csv mailing list and start your customer oriented permission bulk SMS and email marketing.

Feel free to contact us to provide branded Bulk SMS service which is a simple, effective way to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. Bulk SMS is ideal for: Corporates & SMEs, Political base, Commercial institutions, Clubs and club members, SACCOS & Chamas, Schools/colleges, Research firms, Freelance marketers, Government institutions, Banks.

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